Exploring Vancouver Island’s Juan de Fuca trail


Mist and low-hanging clouds, moss-covered branches and smooth, slippery rocks — and at the edge, the tide pulls in and out, in and out. What is it about a lonely stretch of beach that makes the rest of the world fall away?

The more I travel the more I fall in love with the quiet of nature. On Vancouver Island, just off the coast of mainland British Columbia, there’s a lot to love. It doesn’t have the towering and overwhelming awe of the nearby Rockies, but the...

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Five Senses for Travel: Touch

Chrissi Beach near Crete, Greece

Imagine yourself on a beach. But before you go too far with daydreaming about beach volleyball and margaritas, ask yourself this first — what’s the sand like?

Is it that fine golden sand that packs hard under your feet when wet, making it easy to jog alongside the water? Or is it pebbled and impossible to walk on? Maybe it’s grainy and loose like the black volcanic sands of Santorini, which heats up to scalding hot levels in the sun.

One of my favourite swimming holes was...

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Deep River, Tiny Oasis in Lokhvytsya

River in Lokhvytsya, Ukraine

At the very edge of my grandmother’s town, past the fields where cattle graze, there is a tiny river swallowed up by a forest of reeds. You wouldn’t even know this place exists if not for the occasional car veering off the main road onto dirt tracks that looks like someone’s driveway. The well worn road meanders through the meadow where hints of wild mint mix with the warm scent of hay. The fields seem to stretch on and on until squat scraggly bushes appear to break up the...

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Making the Most of Summer in Prince Edward County

Beautiful countryside of Prince Edward County

Summer is just starting to get underway and undoubtedly there are some hot days ahead. When the sweltering temperatures reach their sticky humid high I start to daydream about lying on a beach somewhere. I’ve swam in just about everything from oceans to rivers and I have my clear favorites (the Mediterranean Sea being one of them) but in Canada the main water relief is usually found in lakes.

I can’t say I’ve been to many great Canadian beaches but there is one strip of sandy...

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Cretan Character in the Landscape

Plakias Crete

When we first arrived in Crete we rented a car, a tiny manual with an engine that could either go up a hill or provide you with air conditioning but not both at the same time. I had some of my first driving and stalling experiences on that car. The nice thing about learning how to shift gears when driving in Crete is that nobody will care or honk their horn if you stall at a stop sign. They will simply drive around you. People aren’t really in a hurry to get anywhere, except maybe to...

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