Traveling should never happen in a straight line

Sitting near Clifford Tower, castle ruins in Old Town in York, England.


You can only really get to know a city on foot — walking lets you slow down, get sidetracked by details that you wouldn’t notice otherwise — it lets you get lost in the urban skeleton. All the little side streets and alleyways, secret courtyards and gardens, walkways along waterfronts and large open squares become part of the destination that you came to see, and not just the backdrop to the main attractions.

Every trip I’ve taken, every city I’ve seen, I’ve...

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Crossing the Border by Rail

View from the Parliament Building across the Danube River

I have always loved trains, even as a child some of my favorite places in the city were the metro stations. I can’t even say what it is that attracts me to trains but I just find that it is one of the best ways to travel. It lacks the turbulence associated with flying and there is more room to stretch out your legs. On longer trips you have the option of having lunch in a dining car while watching the world fly past your window. Trains just seem to have more character.

When I was...

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Sea Gods and Blazing Athens

Cape Sounion, Greece

Athens was on fire when I visited it for the first time. I remember sitting on Mars Hill and watching the horizon grow thick with smoky haze. It had been one of the hottest summers on record and on TV the news cycled through stories of raging forest fires and unbearable heat waves.

We were on our way home after a vacation on the lovely island of Santorini and Athens was our layover. The capital of Greece hadn’t impressed me much at first glance. After having gotten used to the...

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Montreal’s Graffiti Canvas

Montreal Graffiti

The art scene in Montreal is so vivacious that it spills out onto the streets. All around the city there are beautiful murals and graffiti of varying sizes, depicting everything from rainbow colored animals to black and white portraits. These sprayed-on masterpieces are scattered about like gems, tucked away into alleyways or perched high along rooftops. Tagging is a popular phenomenon in Montreal just as any other urban centre but it has become so concentrated that some street artists...

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Ups and Downs of San Fran

San Francisco St.Ignatius Cathedral

We were not prepared for San Francisco, the vertical city.

I feel that most locals intuitively know which streets to take to avoid going over hills, either that or their lung capacity is significantly bigger due to a daily regimen of climbing steep slopes. My friend and I were pretty used to the up and down nature of the city by the end of our two week stay there but in the beginning it was like undergoing involuntary marathon training. We would often...

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