Medieval Festival comes to Upper Canada Village

On the sprawling field behind a quaint village on the banks of the St. Lawrence, a wooden lance shatters into a dozen pieces, sending a knight flying off his horse and onto the grass below.  The spectators groan in sympathy.

This past weekend, the Medieval Festival set up camp at the far end of Upper Canada Village. It was an odd clash of time periods to be sure, but definitely a summer experience not to miss. I’ve always loved coming to this beautifully recreated 1800s village,...

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Winter festivities in Ottawa go beyond just New Years

Winter in Canada can seem unbearably long and miserable if you don’t find something fun to do in the outdoors. Although I’ve always loved skiing and skating, I’ve never properly taken advantage of all the different winter festivals and activities that happen throughout those cold snowy months.

This year, for the first time, my friend and I went to the Governor General’s Winter Celebration in Ottawa. It was as though mother nature decided to let us have our day in the snow —...

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Spring Blooms at Ottawa’s Tulip Festival

Ottawa Tulip Festival

You know that spring has finally arrived when the tulips along Ottawa’s Rideau Canal are in full bloom. Canadian spring is usually a finicky season that teeters on the dividing line between winter and summer, like a cat in front of an open door who can’t decide whether to go outside or not. Every year in May, Ottawa holds the Canadian Tulip Festival, painting the city in warm vivid colours with thousands of tulips and daffodils.

This festival is the biggest of its kind and was first...

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