Five Senses for Travel: Scent

Summer, Ukraine, Europe

Travel is often referred to as sight-seeing. But if that was all there was to it, travelling would be like flipping through a virtual reality guide book. Yes, there’s a picture of Golden Gate Bridge. Ooh la la, the picturesque Montmartre. Look at those Alps, aren’t they grand?

Travel should be an experience of all the senses. It’s not just about seeing a place, but hearing the noisy clamour of a city like London or the soft quiet of the countryside in Scotland. It’s about...

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Winter festivities in Ottawa go beyond just New Years

Winter in Canada can seem unbearably long and miserable if you don’t find something fun to do in the outdoors. Although I’ve always loved skiing and skating, I’ve never properly taken advantage of all the different winter festivals and activities that happen throughout those cold snowy months.

This year, for the first time, my friend and I went to the Governor General’s Winter Celebration in Ottawa. It was as though mother nature decided to let us have our day in the snow —...

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Hauntingly Beautiful: Upper Canada Village pumpkin art

These aren’t the jack-o-lanterns of your childhood.

Pumpkinferno, as the name suggests, is a fiery vision of thousands of beautifully hand-carved pumpkins laid out against the backdrop of historic Upper Canada Village. As you walk through the streets under the open night sky you encounter scenes of breathtaking beauty — from mythical and supernatural beings to wild and exotic animals.

Upper Canada Village is a historical recreation of what life would have been like in a...

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Downhill and Cross-country Skiing in the Ottawa Valley

Cross-country skiing in Gatineau Park in Ottawa

Ottawa is not a ski resort town by any stretch of the imagination but it still has a lot to offer for lovers of the outdoors. Winter in Canada can last anywhere from 3-5 months, depending on how much it snows. If you’re not taking advantage of all that snow to get out and enjoy winter then you might as well just hibernate for the duration of the season.

I have been doing cross-country for almost a decade, and downhill for a couple of years now. Cross-country skiing, as opposed to...

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Making the Most of Summer in Prince Edward County

Beautiful countryside of Prince Edward County

Summer is just starting to get underway and undoubtedly there are some hot days ahead. When the sweltering temperatures reach their sticky humid high I start to daydream about lying on a beach somewhere. I’ve swam in just about everything from oceans to rivers and I have my clear favorites (the Mediterranean Sea being one of them) but in Canada the main water relief is usually found in lakes.

I can’t say I’ve been to many great Canadian beaches but there is one strip of sandy...

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