A day out in El Greco’s Toledo

Degas was obsessed with ballerinas and horse races. Van Gogh had his landscapes of swirling brushstrokes and vivid colours. Dali enjoyed melting times pieces and fantastical elephants with spindly legs.

El Greco is most easily recognized for his paintings of twisted and elongated figures.

Although born in Crete, El Greco spent most of his life in Toledo, a small city less than an hour’s drive from Madrid. There, he produced one masterpiece after another. El Greco wasn’t known...

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Plazas, Temples and Statues of Madrid

Madrid skyline

My first impression of Madrid was of a mariachi band. We surfaced from the metro near Plaza Mayor and there they were in their wide brimmed hats serenading tourists and locals alike with cheesy yet upbeat tunes. Madrid was not what we had expected. This was the second city on the itinerary of my high school Europe trip and it had big shoes to fill since our first stop had been Paris, and our expectations for Spain were high.

From the start, though we were pleasantly surprised —...

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