Crossing the Border by Rail

View from the Parliament Building across the Danube River

I have always loved trains, even as a child some of my favorite places in the city were the metro stations. I can’t even say what it is that attracts me to trains but I just find that it is one of the best ways to travel. It lacks the turbulence associated with flying and there is more room to stretch out your legs. On longer trips you have the option of having lunch in a dining car while watching the world fly past your window. Trains just seem to have more character.

When I was...

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A Patchwork of Centuries in Buda

Budapest and Danube River

My first time was Budapest. Hungary was the place I got bit by the travel bug and since then the itch to see the world has only gotten worse. Each time I scratch it, with a visit to family in Ukraine or a trip to the States with a friend, I settle my wanderlust. But then usually within a year, I feel the tingling sensation under my skin again, urging me to go somewhere, anywhere. This started in the quiet streets of Budapest.

Budapest is divided in two by the river Danube, on the...

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