Traveling should never happen in a straight line

Sitting near Clifford Tower, castle ruins in Old Town in York, England.


You can only really get to know a city on foot — walking lets you slow down, get sidetracked by details that you wouldn’t notice otherwise — it lets you get lost in the urban skeleton. All the little side streets and alleyways, secret courtyards and gardens, walkways along waterfronts and large open squares become part of the destination that you came to see, and not just the backdrop to the main attractions.

Every trip I’ve taken, every city I’ve seen, I’ve...

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London’s train stations and the kindness of strangers

London King's Cross Station atrium, UK

The London King’s Cross is beyond hectic — it’s no wonder Harry Potter had to ask for directions.

I commuted into downtown London with my friend, who had been kind enough to let me “kip” on her couch, but she left me a few metro stops early to go to work. This was my first time visiting the city and I emerged into the melee of morning rush hour at King’s Cross, entirely overwhelmed and a little in awe. It’s a big place, filled to the brim with busy people.

I decided...

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