Biking San Antonio’s Missions Trail

Dome of the San Jose Mission in San Antonio

We chose the hottest day of the summer to bike the Missions Trail along the San Antonio River.

I had been struggling with a persistent cold for a couple days and when we stepped out of the hotel that day I felt like I stepped out of my skin. I was almost numb from the blistering heat coming off of the pavement. I don’t remember why we decided to go biking that day specifically but I’m proud to say that we made it 10 kilometers in the scorching sun. That may not seem like much, but...

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San Antonio’s Mexican Flavour

The Mexican Market Square outside


They really love their Mexican food down in Texas. When my friend and I were staying in San Antonio (at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel which I highly recommend) we missed the morning buffet so we asked the front desk where we could get breakfast. They suggested Pete’s Tacos. Apparently in San Antonio they have Mexican for every meal of the day, including breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, Pete makes some great tacos and coffee, but almost every single meal I had in San...

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Tropics in San Antonio

Tropical flowers along riverwalk in San Antonio

“Have you been here before?” The owners of a tiny little art shop in the heart of La Villita greeted us warmly as we gawked at their paintings. Excited, we told them that this was our first visit to San Antonio.

“San Anton. Everybody here just calls it San Anton.” The lady smiled as if letting us in on a big secret. This casual and friendly attitude is characteristic of just about everyone you meet down in the south of Texas. We didn’t buy a single...

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