Song Stuck in the Soul – Jazz Journey

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

The beer had a strange aftertaste of carrots but it was free so I gulped it down. It was jazz night and the musician on stage was warbling out a song more country twang than anything else. As he was the owner of the bar all the drinks were on the house. He must have been feeling charitable in the warmth of all the clapping or maybe there was some sort of affectionate nostalgia from picking up his old guitar. Whatever the reason, the beer kept coming. All around us the room was hot and...

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Finding Quiet in New York

New York's Manhattan skyline

New York City in the early morning is abnormally quiet and relaxed. My friends and I arrived in the city just a little after sunrise, having bused all night to get there. We hadn’t slept or eaten breakfast yet and our hotel room wasn’t ready so we had no choice but to go forth into the city. Since our hotel was located in Koreatown we were in the perfect spot to start exploring. The Empire State Building was only three blocks away from us so we headed straight for it.

At eight...

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