Song Stuck in the Soul – Jazz Journey

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

The beer had a strange aftertaste of carrots but it was free so I gulped it down. It was jazz night and the musician on stage was warbling out a song more country twang than anything else. As he was the owner of the bar all the drinks were on the house. He must have been feeling charitable in the warmth of all the clapping or maybe there was some sort of affectionate nostalgia from picking up his old guitar. Whatever the reason, the beer kept coming. All around us the room was hot and...

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Limbo between Louisiana and Georgia

Savannah street at night

We spent an entire day trying to leave New Orleans airport.

Arriving there early in the morning, we got in line to pass through security. Just as the lady with the metal detector waved me past my phone started to ring from the little basket on the conveyor belt. It turned out that the airline sent out an automated message to let us know our flight was delayed.

I guess NOLA didn’t want to let us go because we ended up stuck there for five hours.

At first it wasn’t so bad, a...

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The Court of Two Sisters

New Orleans Court of Two Sisters

In the heart of the New Orleans' historic French Quarter is the famous restaurant known as "The Court of Two Sisters". The restaurant is named so in honor of the two Creole sisters, Emma and Bertha Camors, who had owned the property  and sold clothing to the aristocracy of New Orleans during the late 19th century. In the 1960s the property was converted into a restaurant.

When my friend and I had been strolling down Royal Street we had been mainly distracted by the extravagant art...

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