Song Stuck in the Soul – Jazz Journey

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans

The beer had a strange aftertaste of carrots but it was free so I gulped it down. It was jazz night and the musician on stage was warbling out a song more country twang than anything else. As he was the owner of the bar all the drinks were on the house. He must have been feeling charitable in the warmth of all the clapping or maybe there was some sort of affectionate nostalgia from picking up his old guitar. Whatever the reason, the beer kept coming. All around us the room was hot and...

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Living Concrete of Chicago

Cloud caught on Chicago skyscraper

I have not always appreciated guided tours, preferring instead to explore things at my own pace by simply poking around, but sometimes you can learn things from them that you might miss otherwise. A good tour guide is like a gossipmonger who knows not only the history of the city but also the funny quirks and stories that get buried over time. When my friend and I decided to take an architecture tour of Chicago we were pleasantly surprised by all the details that don’t make it into the...

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Carousels, Courtyards and Chicago’s Skyline

Long Pier Amusement Park in Chicago, IL

When I'm traveling it always amazes me how much you can fit into one day. Our first day in Chicago, after exploring all the pathways and sculptures of Millennium Park, my friend and I made our way out to the shoreline of Michigan Lake. Chicago is not a city that sits idle and there are people of all ages taking advantage of the scenic splendor on the lakefront. There are numerous bike paths weaving through the streets, along the water's edge and even under the many bridges that...

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Fountain Faces and Alien Orbs in Chicago

The Bean at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park

In my last year of university, behind the looming shape of final exams was the even bigger obstacle of post-graduation life. I had no idea what to do with myself. So like most people my age, I went off to travel. I don't mean to say that I abandoned all my worldly possessions and just bolted. The idea to go started as just a mild travel itch. A friend of mine suggested a little breather between university and real life and so, with our undergrads well behind us, we set off on a round...

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