Frankfurt’s Nightlife is in the Pubs

Romer Square in Frankfurt, Germany

A stroll along Frankfurt's River Main and Old Town...

What do you do in a foreign city when the museums and stores are closed? You find a pub. We arrived in Frankfurt on a late summer afternoon and were only staying for the night so there wasn’t much time to indulge in the usual tourist pastimes. Trying to make the most of that one evening we decided to take a meandering walk along the River Main towards Old Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt’s apple wine quarter. This...

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Apple Wine and Rain Puddles

Frankfurt in Germany

Usually layovers are a troublesome part of traveling. They increase your chances of being delayed or having your baggage sent off on an adventure without you. That being said, sometimes you can get lucky.

My dad and I were flying home from Ukraine and our stopover was in Frankfurt, giving us a couple hours to kill. We had flown through Germany before, never actually leaving the confines of the airport, but this time we decided to explore the city a little. The airport itself isn't...

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