About Me

Welcome to Magpie Tales

Hello, I’m Tanya Kirnishni!

Storytelling is my passion. Whether that manifests itself through writing or photography, I know that at least this much at least will remain constant throughout my life. I like capturing the essence of an experience, conveying the atmosphere of a place, the feel of an idea. I want to make Magpie Tales a creative space where I can explore that and share it with the world.

Why “Magpie Tales”? I wanted something unique that spoke to me as a person. I’m quite a bit like a magpie in the way that I travel  – I hoard experiences, collect little bits and pieces wherever I go (seashells and shiny rocks), I take photos of absolutely everything I find beautiful (and I find a lot that is beautiful). And tales? Well, I do love a good story.

Travel inspires me and many of my stories will be about the places I’ve visited. I hope that my experiences will either inspire others or feed their wanderlust.